Our Team

Our culture at Prodigy centers around our people. We celebrate individualism, embracing what’s unique in each member of our team. We allow the differences in personality to shine through into a mosaic of collective team strength.

We are a closely knit group. We care about each other. We like coming to work. We cheer each other on in individual endeavors, both professional and personal. After all, it’s easy to enjoy what you do when you enjoy who you do it with.

We trust each member to do their job. We count on each other. We lean into technology with systems that amplify efficiencies and multiply the contributions of each team member.

The positive energy permeates directly to our clients. We treat customers like we treat each other. On each project we try to provide the kind of experience we would want as a customer. Simple. Convenient. Enjoyable. Reliable.

Account Management

Jason Marsh

Driven • Passionate • Intuitive

Eric Oldson

Determined • Kind • Optimistic

Steve May

Steve May

Focused • Calm • Persistent

Spencer Oldson

Spencer Oldson

Reliable • Easygoing • Trustworthy

David Perley

Coolheaded • Alert • Analytical

Tyler Fredrickson

Iron-willed • Charismatic • Uninhibited

Order Management / Logistics

Lance Randall

Thorough • Unflinching • Loyal

Sagan O'Gwin

Dedicated • Cheerful • Organized

Fulfillment / Ecommerce

Kris Gossett

Relentless • Humble • Efficient

Tanner Johnson

Hardworking • Unassuming • Adaptable

Joe Galloway

Intelligent • Approachable • Gracious

Sourcing / Product Development

John Priday

Sharp • Strategic • Perceptive

Steven Lew

Precise • Fast • Principled


Jared Bird

Craftsman • Instinctive • Reassuring

Laura Andrus

Independent • Strong • Skilled

Jerry Day

Curious • Affable • Dutiful

Finance / Operations

Matt Bolt

Upbeat • Quick-witted • Devoted


Jared Harlow

Patient • Clever • Attentive

Eleanor Dalkner

Diligent • Thoughtful • Friendly